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  • Wind-link cables

    Applications Wind Energy cables are used in onshore and offshore wind farm wind power generation systems, and can be fixed installation on tower and wind farm underground distribution system or other similar occasions for energy and signals transferring in all kind of electrical equipment.

  • Railway and Rolling stock cables

    Rail transportation cables more used in rail lines and rolling stocks, these kind cables have the special requirement, such as fire-retardant and low toxicity. Especially for rolling stock cables, its personnel-intensive, the space is small, so there are stringent flame retardant requirements and high level properties on toxic fumes when they burning.

  • Handling cable

    Port Mechanical cable is mainly used for lifting equipment, handling equipment, winches and other port machinery and equipment, such cables usually have and wear-resistant properties.

  • Marine and offshore cable

    ElectricFever can provide companies like Belden Marine, onshore and offshore oil platforms cables, in applications ranging from marine, drilling, mining and storage devices to the platform and treatment facilities, but also can support the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, many major customers.

  • Mining cables

    Because of the harsh mining environment, so the physical and mechanical properties of mine cables are important and demanding. We offer applies to underground and open-pit cable solutions, to provide you with a full range of high-quality and high-security solutions for mining cables.

  • Thermocouple cable

    The thermocouple cables are used to connect the thermocouple measurement and control process. They can use for compensating temperature variations error between the thermocouple and instrumentation products, providing precision measurement and control. These kind cables are used widely for single-point automatic Thermometer petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other sectors, or multi-point connections.


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