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ElectricFever can provide companies like Belden Marine, onshore and offshore oil platforms cables, in applications ranging from marine, drilling, mining and storage devices to the platform and treatment facilities, but also can support the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, many major customers.

Our cable solutions are able to prove their value in the harsh environment of the sea and the shore; while helping customers minimize the environmental impact, and to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

·Low Smoke Zero Halogen, saline-alkaline tolerance of special cables;

·Fire-resistant cables, flame, heat, cold and moisture resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-vibration and salt corrosion properties;

·At the same time, the cables must be easy to install (peel and bend), light and small, waterproof, fire resistant and low smoke and halogen free;

·The technology requirements of marine, onshore and offshore, should use materials that are extremely flexible and resistant (from a mechanical and chemical point of view) as well as safe in case of fire;

·Our cables solution is a complete family of power, control, data transmission, instrumentation and communication cables. Our cables are produced in diverse countries from America, Europe to Asia;

·We can provide all kind of cable conforms to the following standards and certifications:

o    IEC 60092 series of standards;

o    IEEE 1580 P-type marine engineering standards and UL 1309 & 1072;

o    Norway NEK 606 and BS6883 standards;

o    German submarines standard VG95218;

o    Mil-Dtl-24643 and Mil-Dtl-24640 Navy ships standard;

o    Bureau of Shipping Certification such as ABS, DNV, GL, LR and NK.

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