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Port Mechanical cable is mainly used for lifting equipment, handling equipment, winches and other port machinery and equipment, such cables usually have and wear-resistant properties.

The globalization of maritime commerce is changing ports from traditional interfaces between land and sea to intermodal mega-ports which require deepwater docking, easy access for trucks and rail services, massive material handling equipment, and a complete logistics network based on computer and Internet technologies.

As a port authority, EPC contractor, distributor or crane OEM you are looking for ways to improve productivity. That means meeting the challenges of size, capacity and intermodality. It also means adjusting to new tourism, trade, and energy-processing opportunities, while dealing with the challenges of sustainability and security. All of these issues largely depend on your choice of cables and cable solutions.

 We offered Port Machinery Cable have the external smaller diameter, with high tensile strength, flexibility, weather resistance and abrasion resistance. The advantage is cost savings and simplifies the cabling, extending the length of the power supply, which can accommodate the smaller roll and guidance systems, and reducing shipping costs. We also can also cruise homeport baggage handling conveyor manufacturers of flexible LFH control and power cables can safely operate at extreme temperatures.

product features 

broad range of energy and telecom cables customized for ports;

Close proximity to many existing ports and new megaprojects;

Both fixed and flexible cables to meet the needs of superstructure and infrastructure;

LANs and WANs solutions to deal with the complex information needs of port management;

Hybrid solutions to consolidate applications wherever possible in the smallest space;

 Land solutions complemented by subsea solutions (e.g. power for large buoys, ship monitoring);

 A complete range of fire safety cables to protect people, goods and equipment;

Products to help create greener, more environmentally-friendly ports;

 Cables that can strengthen security and contribute to threat detection;

Services to support expansion of established ports and Greenfield projects worldwide

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