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  • Flexible power & control cable

    In industrial applications, because of the harsh installation environment, it requires the cable should have higher quality and performance: one hand, the laying space is relatively limited, the cable should be flexible and have a small bending radius; another hand, because of the various of potential risks in factory

  • High flexible chain cable

    Electricfever can provide four types high performance end-to-end products. Products cover: CAT 3 Halogen-free large pairs cable, CAT 5e UTP, CAT 5e FTP, CAT 5eSF / UTP, CAT 6 UTP, CAT 6 FTP, CAT 6eSF / UTP, CAT 7 and CAT 5e, CAT 6e shield or unshielded cordsets. In addition, we can also provide module patch panels, MDVO panel and various termination kits.

  • Flexible single wire

    Electrical equipment single wire is the main connecting cable among distribution boxes, switchgear and cable accessories. Mainly used in low-voltage lines, communications equipment, electronic distribution equipment, power distribution equipment, and other occasions, for circuit power supply and signal control. We can provide UL, VDE and GB multiple series of single-core flexible cables, widely product range, from 0.14mm2 to 120mm2. the products on available covers: H05V-K / U, H07V-K / U, H05V2-K , H07V2-K, H05Z-K, H07Z-K, H07RN4-F, UL1007 / UL1015 / UL1061 / UL11028 and MIL standard products, BV, BVR, RV, etc. A variety of insulating materials are available: PVC, halogen-free polyolefin, PUR, EPDM, CSPE, ETFE, silicone rubber, to meet the needs of various applications.

  • VFD Cable

    VFD (Variable frequency drive) is one of the most important equipment in the industry. After the drive assembled, when the motor load is changed, the three-phase AC motor can achieve variable speed. VFD cable used for electrical power, compared to non-VFD cable, can reduce the noise generated during the operation and prevent the surrounding instrumentation and data cables from interference. We can provide 3 + 3E and 3 + 1E two types of VFD cable, the voltage ranges from 1kV to 2kV. We can provide halogen-free, armored or with shipbuilding classification society certification products according customer’s needs.

  • Servo motor cable

    Motor is divided into two parts servo motor and encoder, servo motor cable is mainly used to power servo motor, in order to maintain the entire servo system is working properly, which is widely used in industrial automated production lines, storage equipment, robotics, crane equipment, packaging machinery, machine tools, metallurgical industry and other industries. For the transmission of alternating current, servo motor cables are prone to interference with neighboring encoder cables and other signal cables, so the servo motor cable’s shielding requirements is particularly important. Servo cable provided by us offer a high density, excellent electromagnetic shielding,so the product can meet a variety of standard servo systems, such as: Siemens, Lenze, INDRAMAT and SEW other outstanding product performance, besides, we also can provide for a variety of drag chian servo cable.

  • Encoder & feedback cable

    Encoder is a kind of sensor, mainly used to detect mechanical movement speed, position, angle, distance, or counting, to control servo motor system including commutation, speed control and the detection of the position, so it can be used in a very wide range of applications. Servo encoder cable and feedback cable is mainly used to connect the PLC and the motor for the signals transmission and control. Widely used in industrial electronic systems, automated production lines, storage equipment, robotics, crane equipment, packaging machinery, machine tools and metallurgy industries. We can provide a variety of standard servo systems, such as: Siemens, Lenze, INDRAMAT and SEW, etc., Excellent performance can be installed in all kinds of drag chain applications.


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