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Fieldbus is a kind of digital, serial, multipoint communication data cable, installed in the field between the automatic equipment and control device. It is a kind of industrial data bus, underlying data communication network in the automatic field. It works as communication network between sensor and controller. This kind of product is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, transportation, national defense, aerospace, agriculture, buildings and others. A variety of products we can provide cover Profibus, Foundation field bus, Canbus, Interbus, controlNet and DeviceNet, CC-link, ASI, Modbus etc..

Production Feature

• Patented Z-Fold technology increase the effective range in high frequency and reduce crosstalk;

• A variety of self-developed materials used in Belden products can meet the CM, CMR, CMP requirements;

• For different requirements of flexibilities for different applications, we can provide any kind of flexible products including chain cable;

• Variety products, for some special occasion, we can provide specialty products. For example, halogen-free, abrasion resistance, mechanical damage, water and so on;

• Customized cable can be provided.

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