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There is no more attention paied on product characteristics in broadcasting industries. As a leader in audio and video cables, our products are widely used in the Olympic Games, World Expo, Asian Games and other special occasions, events, and daily audio and video applications.

In the field of broadcasting, cable performance means high-quality products, absolute signal integrity and no system downtime. Our products both in critical field applications (drag cable) and in the permanent studio installation (long-term use of the cable is always very important condition) exhibit excellent performance. These products are still playing an important role in broadcast networks and TV, movie studios and broadcast.

Production Range

Series of audio and video cables provided by us are well known for its superior sound and picture effect, mainly include:

• Microphone and Instrument Cable;

• line-level analog audio cable;

• Analog audio multi-pair snake cable;

• AES / EBU digital audio cable;

• Audio wires and cables;

• Special audio, communication and instrumentation cable;

• 75-ohm coaxial cable standard analog video cable;

• Precision Video coaxial cable used for analog and digital applications;

• Triple coaxial video cable;

• Composited audio and video camera cable;

• RGB and SVHS cable;

Production Feature

• Self-developed Datalene insulation, has a low dielectric constant and factorization;

• Self-developed braid technology, provides a good flexibility and fence to interference outside;

• Patented foil shielding technology increase the effective range of the high frequency

• technology and reduce crosstalk;

• Duobond II Shield technology combines the pioneered Beldfoil100% shielding technology and water pollution adhesive technology, the performance is excellent;

• Braiding, foil layer shielding, combination of shielding, a variety of options for different applications.

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