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Electricfever can provide four types high performance end-to-end products. Products cover: CAT 3 Halogen-free large pairs cable, CAT 5e UTP, CAT 5e FTP, CAT 5eSF / UTP, CAT 6 UTP, CAT 6 FTP, CAT 6eSF / UTP, CAT 7 and CAT 5e, CAT 6e shield or unshielded cordsets. In addition, we can also provide module patch panels, MDVO panel and various termination kits.

Production Feature

• Patented bonded technology ensures the cable excellent installation performance, even in the case of bending it will not affect the transmission performance of the cable. Patented Z-Fold technology increase the effective range in a high frequency and reduce crosstalk;

• Both sides of GigaBIX BIX patch panel adopt IDC connector, and save installation space;

• GigaFlex module, patented plastic lead frame technology ensures long-term reliability of the product is connected;

• A variety of specifications of end to end Cat5e and Cat6e shielded / unshielded cordsets is available, which can meet the needs of a variety of occasions.

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