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When Ethernet is used in industrial control, it means the real-time communication for system configuration objects and engineering model application protocol. Currently, there is no uniform application layer protocol, but there are four types of widely supported agreements: HSE, Modbus TCP / IP, ProfINet, Ethernet / IP. Industry ethernet contains profinet and ethernet two types. We can provide two sets of solutions (copper and fiber). Copper series include: profinet, ethernet cat5, cat6 shielded or unshielded cables and cordsets, single-mode and multimode fiber (OS2, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4) and cordsets.

Production Feature

• Patented bonded technology ensures the cable excellent installation performance, even in the case of bending it will not affect the transmission performance of the cable. Patented Z-Fold technology increase the effective range in a high frequency and reduce crosstalk;

• A variety of self-developed materials used in Belden products can meet the CM, CMR, CMP requirements;

• For different requirements of flexibilities for different applications, we can provide any kind of flexible products including chain cable;

• Variety products, for some special occasion, we can provide specialty products. For example, halogen-free, abrasion resistance, mechanical damage, water-proof and so on;

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