Security and fire alarming cable

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The increasing market demands continue to challenge the cable technology. The requirement for audio and security products is the highest. To this end, we have launched a series low voltage electronic cables, to provide customers with an necessary choice and a high quality service to meet the growing demands of customers. We call this kind of product New Generation.


New Generation product is the largest, most economical and latest coaxial products all over the world presently. It covers audio, control, computer connection, alarming, security, CCTC, CATV, integrated circuits and other security applications.

Product Feature

Our cable has a good performance, excellent compatibility, friendly installation:

• Continuous length mark on the cable jacket can quickly calculate the length and avoid waste;

• The Ripcord design can make it easy to install;

• Most of our products adopt special package method for ease of assembly, which can save much space and avoid confusion. 

This revolutionary technology allows a cleaner environment, and also reduces the waste clean-up work;

• NEC Riser level (CMR or FPLR) or more, to meet even the strict application of abnormal conditions.

•  Besides, for CM、CMR and CMP level cable, UL and C9UL certificate is available;

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