We have a wide variety of wire and cable and electrical products to meet various application requirements of the market, according to the specific industry to provide professional products and technical services.


  • Industry Automation
  • Machine Building
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Ships and offshore oil platform
  • Oil & Gas
  • Locomotive/rail transit
  • Coal mining and port machinery
  • New energy
  • Industry automation widely exists in manufacturing, packaging, transportation, especially automotive industry. They need more durable and reliable cables and related electrical accessories to make sure the stability of the delicate equipments under the intense and reciprocating motions. 

    We can provide series of industry bus, Ethernet, servo and encoder cables, control cabinets and other electrical accessories. All these products, designed according to industry standards, can be used in many kinds of application system, including AB, SIMENS, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, etc.
  • Nowadays, machinery is becoming more and more complex. It needs qualified cables with higher flexibility to make sure the machine is working continuously and stably in the complicated circumstance. Besides, during the machinery manufacturing process, electrical protection is also needed for stable operation in the plant.

    We can supply all kinds of flexible products, including chain cable, servo cable, data transmission cable, sensor cable, industry bus cable and other electrical accessories, which can meet all kinds of requirement on machine building application.

  • As a mainstay industry, automotive is developing fiercely recently. During the automobile manufacturing, it needs a large number of high quality cables and electrical accessories to ensure the stability of production line, meanwhile, superb electrical equipment is also required to ensure the machine working normally, simply and safely.

    We can supply many kinds of automotive products, including control cables, bus cables, data transmission cables, torsion resistant cables, cable trays and other electrical protection products.

  • With the rapid development of ships and offshore oil engineering in our country, all kinds of ship type and quantity increasing, offshore oil platform, ship repair and port facilities such as a large number of construction, the market for ships and offshore oil platform that demand is also more and more cable.

    We can provide all kinds of classification society certification of the power cable, control cable, audio video cable and communication cable, and other products, to provide all kinds of cable solutions, including all kinds of ships, yachts, ship and ocean engineering ships, offshore oil platform, etc.

  • With increasing of petrochemical industry, the demand of cables and other electrical products are growing as well. Meanwhile quality is required more and more highly. We can offer a comprehensive solution, including cable and corresponding electrical accessories, to enhance the predictability accuracy and guarantee employee safety and profit.

  • Traditional subway, fully automated subway and urban light rail vehicles solved in overcrowded cities and suburbs in the densely populated and serious traffic congestion problem. The formation of Chinese big city in the future, there will be more to track was built, the market demand for the cable will also be increased accordingly.

    As public facilities, long-term stable operation and good electric protection solution is indispensable, and we can provide all kinds of high quality electric protection and emergency equipment, electrical connection cable, control cable, data communication cable, audio/video monitor cable and other products.

  • Coal mining and port machinery industry to develop rapidly, but the bad environment, high quality related cables are needed to ensure the safety of continuous lasting and related equipment operation.

    And we can provide all sorts of equipment with comprehensive cable solutions, provide relevant reel cable, rubber cable, dragging cable and data cable and other products, suitable for coal mine, downhole coal winning machine, inoue shuttle machine, drilling machine, dragline and port crane, gantry crane, hoist, such as container crane, conveyor belt positive mechanical equipment.

  •       In order to reduce pollution and the demand for renewable energy, people begin to turn to wind and solar power. Factory of all kinds of wind and photovoltaic power station a large number of construction, is expected by the end of 2020, wind power generate electricity will account for 12% of the world's electricity. It is a large solar power plants and wind construction, the demand for related cable and fusing equipment is also growing.

          And we can provide customers with a variety of brands, meet various applications of wind and photovoltaic industry related cables and accessories products. Such as machinery, tower drum, control cabinet, photovoltaic panels and inverters in various cable and all kinds of high-performance wind and photovoltaic dedicated fuse, etc.

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